Friday, June 7, 2013

Vesak Bathi Gee Saraniya 2013

Special Vesak Bhakthi Geetha Program of the St Johns’ College was held on 28th May 2013 at the main hall of the school. This program was sponsored by Hon. Minister Wimal Weerawansha and President of the City Council of Kolonnawa, Mr. Ravindra Udayashantha.

The program started at 5.30 pm and the guest of honour was the founder of “Pragna Pradeepa” Educational Concept and Western Province Councilor, Mr. Jayantha de Silva. 

The program started by lighting the traditional oil lamp. Welcoming speech was delivered by the principal, Mr. Gamini Wanigarathne. Pooja dance performed by primary and secondary sections was highly commended by the audience. The dance was conducted by the dancing teacher, Mrs. Navodi Jayawardene. After the pooja dance, several songs which exhibit about the value of Buddhism and Vesak Festival were performed by students of the primary and upper school sections. All the songs were trained and conducted by the Music teacher, Mrs. Samantha Ekanayake.

Highlight of the program was the song performed by the teachers of the school. Catholic teacher, Sister Maria Dilusha and Two Muslim teachers, Ms. Buhari and Ms. Zameena also took part in this song displaying the cultural harmony of the school.

Vesak Bathi Gee Saraniya was drawn to close by the President of the Buddhist Society, Dayan Niroshan by delivering the thank you speech.

Announcing of the program was handled by the Media Unit of St. John’s College under instructions of teacher in charge, Miss. Oshadee Gunasekara.

A ‘Vesak Lanterns Exhibition’ and ‘Dansala’ were held for the parents and people of the area after the program at the school premises. This program was a concept of Mrs. Chintha Perera, Vice Principal of the school.

Anjana Lakshan
Media Unit

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